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Personal Training

People use personal trainers for many reasons. Many want a personal trainer to help them lose weight or reduce their total percentage body fat, or to tone up, improve fitness for an upcoming event or to be more active with the children. Some want to build strength and muscle mass. Others just want to fit into that perfect wedding dress or Christmas party dress.

Whatever your goals, Personal Training by Your1to1Fitness is about designing training programmes that are completely designed for you as an individual and your own goals. You workout in a private facility offering most of the exercise facilities you would expect at all health clubs but without queues, watchers and distractions, just focused 1 to 1 training completely tailored to your requirements.

Your initial training programme will be based on the results from an initial consultation. The programme will be designed at an intensity suitable for your current fitness levels to progress you towards your goals. The human body is the master of adaptation. You give it a task to do regularly and it stops being a challenge and you stop improving. So, we need to keep the programme constantly evolving to create a challenge. In the fitness industry we call this overload i.e. give the body more to do than it is used to doing. Therefore, the key to successful PT programming is to review and re-design (progress) your programme every 4-6 weeks.

Most of our training time together will take place in the private PT studio but we also have the use of an outside private garden environment and a hard court facility to bring variety to your training programme.

Our aim is to design a workout you couldn’t achieve on your own in the gym so therefore accelerate reaching your goals. We design fitness programmes that not only help you achieve your goals but make your every day life activities feel easier and enhance your overall sense of health and wellbeing.

Actual client comments published with their permission.

I never thought regular exercise could make me feel more energetic
Louise (38) - Addlestone
I never thought I had time to exercise but now I have more time for everything I want to do because I have more energy
Karen (43) - Chertsey

Our personal training service includes :

  • Nutritional assessment and nutrition advice.
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Blood pressure and heart rate analysis
  • Flexibility assessment and corrective exercise
  • Postural Analysis and corrective exercise
  • Lifestyle activity analysis
  • Home workout design (if required)

If you are interested and would like to discuss anything further,
I’d love to hear from you.

Treadmill in the Personal Training studio in Addlestone

Treadmill Console