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Latest fitness news related to the personal training industry and Your1to1Fitness.

6th July 2016

I’ve recently taken on a number of clients who have been suffering with chronic (long term) back pain. I use a combination of exercises to mobilise, stretch and strengthen all of the major muscle groups in the back and the surrounding core area. All of these clients are benefitting from ongoing improvements in their condition. I also recommend appropriate treatment with an experienced massage therapist where I feel it would be beneficial to the client. I work closely with Keith at KR Massage in Weybridge and many of my clients visit Keith to help alleviate their stresses and aches or simply for a thoroughly relaxing massage in a private luxury treatment room.

16th February 2016

An interesting article published yesterday by cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra states that the public has unwisely been guided for years to avoid dietary fat when in fact excess carbohydrate and sugar in the diet are the real villains when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding metabolic syndrome diseases such as type 2 diabetes. The full article is here. It was originally published in October 2015 by Men’s Health but it’s great to see this being published by the mainstream newspapers.

This advice is consistent with that currently advocated by many personal trainers and sports nutritionists. Nutritional advice and guidance is part of the personal training service offered here at Your1to1Fitness.

3rd February 2016

We still have some spaces available for our Saturday morning fitness class. The class is held at Jubilee High School in Addlestone and starts at 9:30 a.m. The class lasts for an hour and is a great mix of cardio and resistance training and offers a complete all over body workout. All abilities welcome, please get in touch if you would like further details.

Fitness circuit at our Saturday morning class at Jubilee High School, Addlestone.

Fitness circuit at our Saturday morning class at Jubilee High School, Addlestone

30th December 2015

Exercising when you’re away on holiday can often be a challenge. Motivation, time, facilities and equipment can all be reasons cited for not getting much done. This Christmas we’ve been away with the family to the Isle of Wight and Mrs PT and I have been working hard with the resources that we had. Namely a great outdoor gym overlooking the English Channel and Ventnor beach. 5 workouts in 6 days….. well we did allow ourselves Christmas day off!!


Plyometric jumps up the steps at Ventnor beach

The great outdoor gym we used every day at Ventnor

The great outdoor gym we used every day at Ventnor

19th November 2015

I recently qualified in Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercise. Poor posture can often be a cause of long term discomfort or pain around the shoulders, neck and upper and lower back. Postural assessment and any postural deviations will be identified during your initial sessions with me and any corrective exercises required will be included into your personalised exercise programme. Most of these exercises will be ones that you can be coached to also perform at home in order to reduce the time required to help correct any problems identified.

17th September 2015

We hosted our Macmillan Coffee Morning on Wednesday September 16th to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. We invited our clients who were able to take the morning away from their work and join us for our coffee morning with a twist. What’s the twist? Well, as a personal trainer my philosophy is that calories in must be balanced with calories out, so we had a group fitness session in our local park before going back to the house for coffee and home made cakes. The weather forecast for the day was set to be terrible with heavy rain all day but the elements were kind enough to allow us to workout in the park in the dry. The rain started (and lasted all day) the moment we arrived back at the house! Well done to all that participated and thank you to everyone who donated but was unable to attend. We raised £210 for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Warming up for the Macmillan Coffee morning exercise session

Warming up before the main exercise session


The first relay involved hurdles and an agility ladder


Working hard to enjoy those cakes!

Increasing the difficulty of the exercise

Increasing the difficulty of the exercise

Finally, we've all earned the coffee and cakes

Finally, we’ve all earned the coffee and cakes

1st July 2015

On Sunday we held our annual client BBQ. The event is an opportunity for all of our clients to meet each other and for me to thank them for putting their faith in me to help them reach their fitness goals. Despite a lot of rain during the morning preparations, the weather turned for the better and we had a great afternoon of nutritious food, entertainment and socialising. It was great for many of our clients to meet each other and for them to compare training techniques and progress. All of our clients work really hard towards their goals but I wanted to recognise those that have really focused on their training and nutrition to get them well on the way to their goals. The awards were given for greatest weight loss achieved, most improved fitness and most consistent training. Everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves and we look forward to our next social event.

Meal time at our summer BBQ

An opportunity to relax after lots of hard training

Fitness award winners

David with our award winners from left to right – Mark, Kat, David and Graham

11th May 2015

I was recently invited by Samsung in Chertsey to lead the warm up for a charity run the company had organised for their staff. The run was in aid of the Prince’s Trust charity. I was honoured to be asked and happy to volunteer for a great cause which raised over £700. Here are a couple of pictures from the afternoon.

Leading the run warm up for Samsung UK, Chertsey

Leading the Prince’s Trust charity run warm up for Samsung UK, Chertsey

Leading the run warm up for Samsung UK, Chertsey

Leading the Prince’s Trust charity run warm up for Samsung UK, Chertsey

1st April 2015

“Physical activity is probably a better and more effective way of keeping the pain of arthritis and joint pain at bay than taking currently available painkillers.” That’s the view of Jane Tadman from Arthritis Research UK. This quotation is from a BBC News report that captured my attention on this morning’s BBC Breakfast News. The report highlights the findings of a study that Paracetemol is ineffective at managing back pain.

As a personal trainer I see many clients who for whatever their reason for seeking help e.g. weight loss or increase their fitness levels, are very often suffering long term with lower back pain. This is often presented as an over-curvature in the lumbar spine (known as lordosis). Increasing mobility and strength in the lower back is part of all of my clients training programmes and many are reporting that their lower back pain issues are greatly improved through the work we do to increase activity, mobility and strength.

19th March 2015

The weather has been steadily improving this month so it’s been nice to take some of our personal training clients outside and train them in our outdoor space. Here the set up is for an upper body strength training circuit. View our gallery page to see pictures of our year round dedicated personal training studio.

Your1to1fitness outdoor training space

Outdoor training space configured for an upper body strength training circuit

25th February 2015

“I thank you for all you have advised and I will take all forward. You have been a great trainer and I will find it difficult to find any one as focused on personal fitness needs as you.  I will not hesitate in recommending you to colleagues. I wish you and your lovely family all the best in the future.” It’s never a nice experience when you unexpectedly lose a client because they are no longer able to train with you. Lisa contacted me to say she was unexpectedly moving to Warwickshire later in the month. It’s disappointing to see someone who is making great progress suddenly move on but the feedback made me feel I’d made a positive impact on her.

For those interested in the Diet Wars story posted by Sky News earlier in January, the results of the 3 week study have been published here. As a Personal Trainer I am qualified to give individual dietary advice to help clients towards their fitness and weight management goals and is included as part of the service I provide.

13th February 2015

Two news items for this update. Firstly, I was honoured to be asked to accompany a team of young athletes from Ongar Place Primary School to an indoor athletics competition at the Excel Leisure Centre in Walton-Upon-Thames. Twelve schools compete in the competition format devised by Sport England. Ongar Place is a small school with fewer facilities than many of the other big schools competing in the tournament and the children worked really hard to achieve their 9th place. Well done to all that took part.

The second is a news story that hit the headlines this week and I was both surprised and pleased as a personal trainer to see published. The basis of the story is that for several decades we have been advised to avoid fat in our diet in favour of starchy carbohydrate foods but this advice is now being seriously questioned after some detailed scientific scrutiny. As personal trainers we are educated that natural fats from meat, dairy and plant oils have an essential part to play in our diet and that an excess of refined carbohydrates in place of these natural fats have played a role in continually rising obesity rates in the U.K. It’s well work taking ten minutes to read the full article here. Please get in touch if you would like to schedule an appointment for some individual dietary advice.

29th January 2015

Should you consider a personal trainer to prepare you for your upcoming skiing holiday? That’s the question posed in this in-depth article on the NRPT (National Register of Personal Trainers) website. I currently have a client who we are preparing for a three week skiing holiday during March. I have devised a tailored and highly effective ski fitness, strength and endurance programme to prepare her for the rigours of three weeks of skiing.

26th January 2015

Two news stories have captured my attention in the last week or so. In the first one, Sport England launches their This Girl Can campaign with an inspirational TV advert. The campaign is designed to encourage more women into structured regular exercise after research showed that many were afraid due to their size and fear of being judged. Their research showed that two million fewer 14-40 year females played sport than males in the same age group. At Your1to1Fitness we feel that whatever your shape and size, if you are exercising regularly then we salute you. To see the Sport England release click here and follow this link to to view the full advert. At the time of writing the advert has been viewed nearly 4.5 million times!

Another press story in the season of the diet was this one from Sky News. A study lead by a dietician puts four different weight loss subjects on a different eating regime over a three week period. The eating regimes (diets) are representative of some of the most common weight loss diets currently in the popular press. It’s only a study of one subject per diet so the results will hardly be statistically significant but I await the results with interest and will post the follow up story here as it’s released.

15th January 2015

Inactivity causes twice as many deaths as obesity. That’s the conclusion of a 12 year study of more than 300,000 people in Europe cited in a news article today by the BBC. The researchers recommend that a daily brisk 20 minute walk could bring substantial health benefits for all regardless of their current Body Mass Index (BMI).

8th January 2015

If you’re looking to kick start your fitness training for 2015 you might consider interval training as part of your overall fitness programme.

Interval training is not only great for boosting fat burning metabolism but is an excellent method of increasing your upper cardiovascular (CV) range i.e. able to work at a higher intensity for longer. I used it frequently during training sessions for the London Marathon to make my steady pace endurance work feel easier for me. Interval training is frequently designed into our client’s training programmes in a way that is safe and effective for each individual client.

I would recommend that if your are new to exercise or interval training is new to you then book a consultation with a personal trainer so that safe and effective sessions can be designed for you.

Here is an interesting article on Why Interval Training is Essential for Fat Burning.

30th December 2014

It’s been a fairly quiet and relaxed family Christmas here in the Page household. We’ve enjoyed a few Christmas drinks but we’ve both kept our training going. Neither Mrs Page or myself are big drinkers but in support of Cancer Research UK, we’ve both decided to take on the Dryathlon challenge which means no alcoholic drinks whatsoever for the month of January. If you’d like to take on the challenge yourself or read their summary of the benefits of abstaining for the month then click here.

17th December 2014

Your1to1Fitness is now registered with the N.R.P.T – the National Register of Personal Trainers. The N.R.P.T is the only nationwide directory of personal trainers that validates and guarantees only experienced, qualified and fully insured personal trainers are listed on their register.

9th December 2014

This evening is the Harris and Hoole Addlestone Christmas Fair and Your1to1Fitness will be represented at the fair. The artisan coffee shop is located inside Tesco Extra Addlestone.

Come along to the Christmas Fair where you can discover more about personal training with Your1to1Fitness, ideally located for clients in Addlestone, Weybridge, Ottershaw, New Haw and Cherstey.

20th November 2014

Last night we attended the Ongar Place Primary School Christmas Pamper Evening. We had lots of interest in our stand and our free prize draw to win four 1 to 1 personal training sessions in January. The prize was won by a lady called Jacqui. We look for look forward to training you in January Jacqui and helping you towards your fitness goals for 2015.

See our stand pictured below with one of my young helpers!

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Your1to1Fitness stand at Ongar Place Primary School

13th November 2014

David and the Your1to1Fitness team will be exhibiting at the Ongar Place Primary School PTFA Christmas Pamper Evening on Wednesday 19th November between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Come and visit our stand in the main hall where you can meet the team, sign up to a free Personal Training taster session and enter our prize draw to win 4 free Personal Training sessions in January – very handy after the Christmas festivities.

The Pamper Evening has become very popular and is a great place to try various beauty treatments and purchase Christmas Gifts. Entry to the Pamper Evening is £3 and includes a glass of bubbly and a mince pie. We hope to see you on the 19th November. Ongar Place Primary School, Milton Road, Addlestone, Surrey, KT15 1NY