“Personal Training in Addlestone in a comfortable, well equipped, private PT studio”. Delivering personal training for clients in Addlestone, Ottershaw, New Haw, Chertsey, Weybridge and surrounding areas.

David Page - Personal Training in Addlestone

Hi, I’m David, the founder of Your1to1Fitness.

Your1to1Fitness is all about delivering Personal Training services, completely tailored to your own fitness goals.

Whether you want to lose weight and tone up, improve fitness, improve mobility but don’t know where to start or don’t want to go to a public gym environment then Your1to1Fitness could be exactly what you need.

There are many personal trainers to choose from nowadays but what makes Your1to1Fitness different from most is that we have a dedicated, year round PT studio. We don’t have to worry what the weather is going to do like many PT sessions delivered in the park or your back garden, or whether you’ve managed to clear away the childrens’ toys to make room for sessions in your home. We have a dedicated facility in Addlestone which is completely private and has a wide range of equipment you’d expect to find in many health clubs. We have ample off road parking in a quiet cul-de-sac where you can come and get away from it all and totally focus on your training. Your1to1Fitness is ideal for clients in Addlestone, New Haw, Ottershaw, Cherstey, Weybridge and the surrounding areas looking for personal training in a private dedicated facility.

So please get in touch, join me for a chat, come and see our Private PT Studio and let’s work out how to get you achieving your goals. I very much look forward to working with you.

Latest News

6th July 2016

I’ve recently taken on a number of clients who have been suffering with chronic (long term) back pain. I use a combination of exercises to mobilise, stretch and strengthen all of the major muscle groups in the back and the surrounding core area. All of these clients are benefitting from ongoing improvements in their condition. I also recommend appropriate treatment with an experienced massage therapist where I feel it would be beneficial to the client. I work closely with Keith at KR Massage in Weybridge and many of my clients visit Keith to help alleviate their stresses and aches or simply for a thoroughly relaxing massage in a private luxury treatment room.


Our private personal training studio is located in the Parklands cul-de-sac in Addlestone with plenty of off-road parking.

Your1to1fitness personal training studio location in Addlestone

Your1to1Fitness personal training studio location in Addlestone


Your1to1Fitness are proud to be members of the Weybridge Independent Network group.